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I'm glad you are here! The Unraveled Faith blog is my attempt at taking some of the writing I’ve been doing in private and sharing it with a larger audience. Do I know everything? Absolutely not… have I walked through some dark times? Yes I have! Have I believed a lie? Yes I have! Have I been hurt by people I love? Yes I have! Have I hurt people I love by my own actions or words? Yes I have! I am a regular guy who was a workaholic, struggled with anxiety deeply, struggled to make long, lasting friendships and was both my greatest critic and biggest fan. 
Today I have not arrived… but I’ve seen that there are many men and women who are travelling a similar journey, looking for hope, looking for truth, looking for balance in their inner mind turmoil and trying to break free from life controlling addictions… also while trying to be a father, a husband, a wife or a mother… these are difficult times. To put on a brave face and raise children while battling personal challenges and making a living is no easy task. 
I hope even one person can find encouragement in my words… perhaps walk a little closer to truth a little sooner than I did. If that happens… sharing my experiences and thoughts will be worth it! 


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